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  • FRONT SUSPENSION – works with 100% direct bolt on DUAL adjustable QA’1 coil over. Running 4″ OD springs.  What does 4″ OD mean? Outside diameter. OEM springs measure 5″ OD, and most competitors were using 3″ which is way smaller than recommended. Technically it works but customers will complain about ride quality being too stiff. IHC working closely with QA’1 engineering 4″ spring and OEM style billet brackets to directly on to vehicle. No need for brackets on brackets that make installation difficult. IHC also includes standard fully adjustable UCA for camber correction. No need to spend more money on additional part to get alignment dialed in. This is a huge plus because you do once, and you do it right! IHC upper arms also have serviceable ball joint and bushing. IHC runs DELRIN bushing for maximum performance.


  • REAR SUSPENSION– works with standard flip kit and add a leaf. What makes us stand out is our 100% bolt on shock relocation kit and on vehicle adjustable traction bars.  IHC  100% bolt on (NO CUTTING, NO WELDING, NO DRILLING) shock relocation kit positions both shocks behind rear axle making it more practical for drag racing. IHC includes DUAL adjustable QA1 rear shocks to match the front. No mix and matching. Dual adjustable let you fine tune your shock to street or drag by as simple as twisting a knob on qa1 shock. IHC rear traction bars are also 100% bolt on. Fully adjustable on the vehicle to set pre-load on leaf pack. What does on the vehicle adjustable mean? The traction bars have jam nuts that can be backed off and you can either set pre-load on leaf pack to head out to the track, preventing squatting, hopping, or vibration when drag racing. Once you’re heading home simply loosen jam nut and back off on pre-load to release tension on leaf pack. Most competitors you have to complete disassembly traction bars to set pre-load which means wasting time!